VAIE provides the skills in engineering services of stamping parts by phase to quality buildup phase. And also, we supply stamping tool dies in 3D design. By respecting the structure and organization of digital files according to customer 3D modeling specification books and tool design conception. VAIE focuses and involves in objectives and proposes improvements […]

From LEAN manufacturing in manual line and automatic speed line, VAIE can manage and provides the skills in engineering services in a high quality level. Our focus is oriented on process definition/ product. Project management, preliminary draft, concept jig, production plan, start up support, BIW quality […]

VAIE focuses on all customers’ requests. We are involved for theses critical issues. To define the best process and guarantee requests goals, we provide process plan, layout, cycle time, ergonomics, family trees, synoptic process. Welding application robot or manual, BOOM list, equipment, environment, logistics area,

We are involved […]

From LEAN manufacturing in manual line, we define the good workers condition by making good postures for loading part and manual welding until production plan. By respecting the customer rules […]


Layout are our priority to ensure the making available of jigs and the logistic flow and line edge layouts.



From LEAN MANUFACTURING in manual line, we define the good workers condition by making good postures for loading part and manual welding until production plan. By respecting the customer rules

2D / 3D

Respect for 3D and 2D construction rules. we realize studies taking the environment for manual and automatic areas. To proceed with designing and verifying all detail collision and space study.[…]


For 3D and 2D studies, VAIE have the mastery over several software like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, AUTOCAD