VAIE working on Layouts areas around the jigs. transfer parts, storage, buffer stock. And these are the major trends in logistic engineering as well. We provide advanced and integrated logistic engineering services including such trends and solutions

Equipment, Environment, Material


With our advanced logistic application technologies, we encourage:

– minimum investment for the achievement of target

– Optimal process planning for ensuring the quality

– Engineering that considers environment & trends

Management process

biw_004 biw_008


– Advising most advanced in project management.

– The mastery for job sharing.



Designing Layout / Equipment requiry

– Planning / reviewing layout

– Interference review from  all request

– Quotation analysis / optimal planning


Installation/ Equipement Inquiry

– Approved design check / feedback
– Document control
– Field management
– Progress check

Jig design


From process Jig from 3D to 2D, we cover all phases

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