VAIE provides total engineering services of stamping parts from SE (Simultaneous Engineering) phase to quality

buildup phase. And also, we supply stamping dies as a turn key contractor including process planning, design,





By participating in early stage of car development , VAIE proposes improvement idea for formability, cost reduction, etc. and it makes latter step smooth.

Also by reviewing product design, we provide best solution based on years of experience.



Quality Planning :

The quality of a stamping parts is not completed in itself.

We always consider the quality of stamping parts related with complete Body quality. It is an advantageous unique for VAIE which has a press team.



Stamping Process, Drawing Review :


VAIE is not a Stamping Die manufacturer, but for this reason, we are able to propose different idea for process and equipment. Our proposal is standing on the same view as the client.



Quality Buildup :


VAIE engineers have experience of quality buildup.

Their own experience and collaboration with body team can make efficient and effective suggestions for improvement.

stamping_005 stamping_006